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Travel Program

Travel Team Program Highlights for 2019 - 2020

  • More Team Practice Ice Than Other Area Clubs
  • Same Fees - 5 Years Running
  • Increased game & tournament count for Squirt, Peewee & Bantam again
  • More Midget practice slots in September & October 
  • Small Rosters = More Playing Time
  • Non-Parent Head Coaches
  • Multi-child discount up to $200
  • Competitive fees
  • Goalie discounts
  • Consistent and convenient practice schedules
  • Focus on skill development. Increased # of skill session opportunities
  • More practice ice than most other clubs
  • Midgets flex practice schedule to work with High School teams
  • Boe Leslie - Our Hockey Director played professionally in Europe and has been involved in youth hockey since 1998. He assembles an experienced group of non-parent coaches for our travel teams that help each player reach his or her hockey potential.

Tryout and Evaluation Information

Tryout Registration Process

Register Online. Please register online before 7:00pm Friday, April 26 if you wish to tryout for a Baltimore Stars travel team. It helps us be prepared. Thanks.

General Tryout Guidelines

  • It is in the player’s best interest to attend all of the tryout sessions to ensure the independent evaluators get the most accurate assessment of each player.
  • If you have a schedule conflict, please register anyway and advise our Hockey Director, Boe Leslie
  • A player's prior experience, level and/or club affiliation are not a guarantee that a spot will be held. Likewise, payment of the full season fee in advance of tryouts is not a guarantee that a spot will be held.
  • In efforts to field the most competitive teams possible, a full roster may not be selected immediately and supplemental tryouts may be held to determine final placements. 
  • Full equipment is required including mouthguards.
  • Tryout jerseys will be supplied.

Tryout Schedule and Fees

Age Level Date Time Rink Fee
Girls Teams TBD TBD TBD No Fee
2010 - 2003 TBD TBD TBD
8U Mite Fall TBD TBD $250
2011 & Under Fall TBD TBD
10U Squirt Saturday, April 27 8:00-8:55am Mt. Pleasant $350
(2009 & 2010) Monday, April 29 6:10-7:05pm Mt. Pleasant
12U Peewee Saturday, April 27 9:05-10:00am Mt. Pleasant $350
(2007 & 2008) Sunday, April 28 8:45-9:45am Mt. Pleasant
Tuesday, April 30 5:30-6:20pm Mt. Pleasant
14U Bantam Saturday, April 27 10:10-11:05am Mt. Pleasant $350
(2005 & 2006) Monday, April 29 7:20-8:15pm Mt. Pleasant
Tuesday, April 30 6:30-7:20pm Mt. Pleasant
16U & 18U Midget Saturday, April 27 11:15am-12:15pm Mt. Pleasant $350
(2001 - 2004) Monday, April 29 8:30-9:30pm Mt. Pleasant
Tuesday, April 30 7:30-8:20pm Mt. Pleasant

2019 Travel Team Tryout and Deposit Policy:

Due to the success of this policy last year, we will be doing it again this year. 

  • Players must be registered online by 7:00pm Friday, April 26. Parents will complete the FULL REGISTRATION which includes:
    • 2019-2020 USA Hockey number submission.
    • All waivers.
    • Jersey number request for the upcoming season.
    • $350 Tryout and Deposit Fee.
      • $100 non-refundable Tryout Fee.
      • $250 Deposit (will be applied to player’s 2019-2020 tuition).
      • 8U Mites Tryout and Deposit Fee will be $250.
      • Girl’s Team players are not subject to this policy. 
    • Selection of “Pay in Full” or “Payment Plan.”
  • $350 Registration Fee must be paid online BEFORE TRYOUTS.
  • NO CHECKS will be accepted.
  • The $250 Deposit will be refunded ONLY if a player is not offered a roster position on a TRAVEL TEAM in their age division.
  • Players will have 48 hours to DECLINE an offered roster position once rosters are announced, otherwise that player’s payment plan will be in place.

The Registration "Travel Program" is not currently available.

Post Tryout Roster Announcements

Players will be given a tryout jersey to wear during all tryout sessions. Jersey colors and numbers of those chosen for a team will be posted on the website at approximately the end of business Thursday, May 2. Players not selected to a team will be contacted by the Hockey Director or a member of his tryout staff.

Please DO NOT contact the Hockey Director or members of the Board of Directors about player team placements for at least 24 hours following the posting of rosters. 

In efforts to field the most competitive teams possible in some cases a full roster may not be selected immediately.

Team Registration

Once the rosters have been posted, families will have 48 hours to DECLINE an offered roster position.

The Registration "Travel Program" is not currently available.

Travel Team Declarations & Details

Baltimore Youth Hockey Club expects to field two teams at most levels given the quality and number of players in our area, the quality of our Non-Parent Head Coaches and the CBHL rules for team declarations.

Age # of Teams Levels Approx. Roster Size Approx. Game Count Team Fees
8U Mite 2 - 7-9 skaters / 1 goalie 12 games & Jamborees $550
10U Squirt 2 AA/UA & LA/B 12-14 skaters / 1-2 goalies 32 games & 3 tournaments $1,895
12U Peewee 2 AA/UA & LA/B 12-14 skaters / 1-2 goalies 34 games & 3 tournaments $1,995
14U Bantam 2 AA/UA & LA/B 12-16 skaters / 1-2 goalies 34 games & 3 tournaments $1,995
16U Midget 1 AA - B 14-17 skaters / 1-2 goalies 26 games & 2 tournaments $1,950
18U Midget 1 AA - UA 14-17 skaters / 1-2 goalies 26 games & 2 tournaments $1,950

Financial Aid Scholarship Program

Ice Hockey is an expensive game and is often not easily afforded by everyone. As a result, a financial aid scholarship program has been established. Apply now. 

Uniform Information (Jerseys / Shells / Warm-Ups)

There will be one opportunity after tryouts to order uniforms and receive them in time for the season start. Uniforms ordered after the deadline will incur a $30 service fee and a delivery date cannot be guaranteed. 


Travel Uniform Order Deadline: July 1


All other Travel and Rec teams will receive a set of new socks at the beginning of the season. If they are lost or need to be replaced, they can be purchased through the online store or through our equipment partner East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies (formerly For Sports) at the Gardens Ice House at Laurel. 

Girls Program jersey and sock orders will be coordinated through Joanna Nagle and Sean Baker (not through East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies)

The Registration "Travel Program" is not currently available.

East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies Official Team Gear

East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies (formerly For Sports) is the exclusive supplier of the Baltimore Youth Hockey Club's Official Team Gear. Jerseys, shells, warm-ups, replacement socks and select other gear and equipment will be available for purchase through our online store.

Having official gear manufactured by anyone other than our sanctioned vendors will be considered a violation of club rules.

East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies Partnership Discount Program

As part of our partnership with East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies at the Gardens Ice House at Laurel and Rockville as our Official Team Gear Supplier, they have offered us the following discounts for your other equipment needs.

  • Closeout and clearance items will be discounted at a special rate, exclusive to the Baltimore Stars.
  • Prices on all new items in the store will be reduced to a special price.
  • As a bonus for allowing East Coast Hockey and Skating Supplies to be the supplier for your team gear, we are taking an additional 10% off all protective equipment. This includes shin guards, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, and gloves.
  • Additionally, we will be taking 10% off all new current year sticks. Clearance sticks are at a 20% discount.
  • Finally, members of the Baltimore Stars who purchase skates will receive 10% of the skate’s value in sharpening credit.

For more information please review the below document.

Player Number Policy

All Jersey number requests are reviewed and approved by the BYHC Registrar. Jersey numbers stay with players as long as they are in their program. Recreational and Travel programs are treated separately because the uniforms are different. Numbers will be re-assigned after a player has left their program for more than one season. In cases where a player is playing outside of their age bracket numbers cannot always be guaranteed.

Player number requests are entered during player registration. Since the club Registrar tracks player numbers, there is no option to enter numbers on the vendor's website when purchasing jerseys. Before the vendor manufactures the ordered uniforms and gear the Registrar reviews player numbers for accuracy. We do not advise players of their assigned number. 

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