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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available that allow our members to contribute to the operation of the Baltimore Youth Hockey Club. Below is a list of some of those positions. While some are currently occupied, others are not. Please contact us at to find out what is available if you are interested in volunteering your time.

Webmaster (may be a board member)

The Webmaster is responsible for the design and management of the Association's web site and distribution of information to the Association membership. The Webmaster duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Create and administer pages on the website via the online site administration tools provided by the website host;
  • Manage website administrator accounts and privileges;
  • Work with the registrar and treasurer to facilitate online registration;
  • Distribution of association news announcements and emails; and
  • Posting of evaluation results and coaching assignments in a timely fashion.
  • The Webmaster does not need to be familiar with html mark-up, but significant experience with Microsoft Excel and Word is recommended.

Recruitment (may be board member)

Person will be responsible for retention and recruiting events designed to grow the club’s membership.  

They can and will be responsible for the following:

  • Organize BYHC Try Hockey for Free events (, normally early November and again late February.
  • Support given by USA Hockey and PVAHA.
  • Ensure BYHC follows up after programs like X-Ice or Hockey Basics.
  • Organize BYHC recruiting events coincident with:
  • ​​Baltimore Hockey Classic (
  • Hockey Weekend Across America (
  • IIHF World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend
  • Outreach for X-Ice program and rec hockey.
  • Assist in organizing a BYHC team for the CBHL Girls Division X-Ice Jamboree.
  • Provide input to marketing materials for the above to include free and paid advertising.
  • Maintain email database of BYHC prospects. Communicate with prospect parents and players.
  • Work with CBHL to update "players wanted" section of CBHL web site (specific team and positions needed).
  • Special emphasis on growing women's hockey via Rapids Travel and Rapids Rec.
  • Other outreach efforts as agreed in concurrence with BYHC board.

Sponsorship/Fundraising Director (may be a board member)

  • Set up an accurate recording system covering income and disbursements relating to sponsorship for delivery to the Treasurer;
  • Actively pursue new sponsorship projects in co-ordination with the PonyTail Tournament Director (for program)
  • Develop a sponsorship program;
  • Be a part of the Budget Committee in each year an estimate of revenues and expenditures;
  • Present a report regarding sponsorship to the Board;
  • Recommend policy to the Board regarding sponsorship.
  • Be responsible for the establishment and execution of any fundraising by the association and to collect monies from such events and deposit receipts with the treasurer
  • Submit a report monthly to the Board of Directors
  • Review for approval all fundraising events proposed by BYHC representative and house league teams co-ordinate all licensed fundraising activities with the appropriate government bodies

Community Service Coordinator (non board position)

  • Educate members and teams of service opportunities
  • Coordinate service campaigns for each team and the club with outside organizations that are in need of help

Special Events Coordinator (may be a board member)

Position Filled

The Special Events Coordinator is a new position. The time commitment is a minimum of one season. The position is a Board of Director-appointed position and therefore has no voting rights.

The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

  • Works closely with the President and respective Director or other Board member to assist in the planning and operation of special club activities which include the Annual End of Season Parties, Travel Tryouts, Rec Open House, Try Hockey for Free Day, Alumni Game and other special events as they arise
  • Serve as the primary action officer for the planning and execution of each event. They will be helped by designees/team managers as appropriate
  • Oversees the development and operation of an Alumni Association
  • Coordinates and oversees members of the Special Events Committee

Tournament Director (may be board member)

Position Filled

Person will be responsible for working with the Pony Tail Tournament Director in order to prepare to run a boys tournament in the coming year as BYHC has aspirations to run its own boys tournament in the 15-16 year.  They will also be responsible for the following

  • Will find area tournaments for each teams
  • Will enter teams in tournaments
  • Will provide assistance with hotel accommodations when necessary.
  • Will recruit volunteers for club-hosted tournaments. For example: Pony Tail

8U Development Program Coordinator

Position Filled

The Atom/Mite Coordinator will work with the Hockey Director to oversee all aspects of the Cross/Half Ice Instructional program.

Director of Team Managers

Position Filled

  • Create/modify Team Manager Handbook
  • To hold monthly meetings with team managers  
  • Works with ACE Coordinator to ensure all team managers have required background checks

ACE Director

Position Filled

The Association Coaching & Education (ACE) Director is an experienced individual with a strong coaching background who serves as the administrative link to USA Hockey and its Coaching Education Program (CEP). In their role, ACE Directors organize and manage CEP requirements, assist the local association in the development of a well-trained coaching staff, promote parent education and provide clear goals and objectives for player skill development.

  • Ensure that BYHC is promoting age-specific skill development in all of its programs.
  • Encourage BYHC to implement the USA Hockey Skill Development and Cross-Ice programs.
  • Communicate certification requirements to coaches and ensure compliance with USA Hockey & District/Affiliate certification levels.
  • Deliver parent education programs to the association.
  • Plan, organize and execute periodic skills workshops for coaches, players and parents.
  • Communicate with the District ACE Administrator and USA Hockey on all issues related to coaching at the local association level.
  • Communicate USA Hockey’s player development opportunities to players, parents and coaches.
  • Establish and maintain a resource center for coaches, players and parents that would include all available USA Hockey materials.
  • Evaluate practice sessions and provide feedback to coaches to improve the coaching capability of local association coaches.
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