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Coaching Checklist

Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 must be completed before the season starts.

1) Obtain a USA Hockey Number ($45 - Valid for one season)

Choose the Player/Coach option in step 2 of the registration. USA hockey will email you a receipt once you have completed the registration. Send a copy of the registration number to

2) Submit a Background Screening Application ($20.50- Valid for 2 years)

An email will be sent after a few days with the results of the application.

3) Complete the Safe Sport Online Module (Free - Valid for 2 years)

This online training module will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

4) Age Specific Modules ($10 - Only need to take one time for the age level you are coaching at)

An online module must be completed for the age level you are coaching at. Once completed, it will be valid for all future seasons coaching at the same level. It can take 6-8 hours to complete.

Steps 5 must be completed before Dec. 31 of the current coaching year to continue coaching on Jan 1

5) Attend Coaching Clinic or Renew Certification Level

There are 5 levels of coaching certification. Only one level can be obtained per year. Your certification will expire if you do not obtain an new certification level each year. Once you obtain your level 4 certification, it will not expire, and no renewal or attendance at future clinics is required. Each level requires an in person session as well as an on ice session (classes usually take place at local rinks). Level 3 may be renewed by completing an online course. This can be done for two years.

For a more detailed version of the information above and to view which level you are at, and when it expires, follow this link:

There are not many certification classes in our area - the ones that are nearby fill up fast. It is important to sign up for a class ASAP. To find certification classes follow the link below: